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How to grade the condition of a second-hand vinyl record? Understanding the Goldmine Standard

Published by SwapRecords on 5/02/2021

SwapRecords uses the Goldmine Standard to allow its users to grade the condition of the vinyl records or audio cassettes they put online. This standard consists of a 9-point scale that ranges from New/Sealed (M) to Poor (P). Here is a little guide to help you find your way through the labels.

New / Sealed (M)

The vinyl and its cover are in perfect condition. There are no scratches or scratches to report and the vinyl record has never or almost never been played. It is also still sealed.

We advise to sell a used M-vinyl record at 90% of the new price.

Mint (M-)

The disc is free of scratches and scuffs. It is not warped and its cover is in almost perfect condition, but it is no longer sealed. It has not been played much and will provide a perfect playing experience without crackling or snags.

We recommend selling a used M- vinyl record at 85% of the new price.

Near mint (NM)

The vinyl is almost perfect. There are no obvious signs of wear and tear on it or the cover. Only minor defects due to a few manipulations or readings are visible.

We recommend selling a used NM vinyl record at 80% of the new price.

Very good condition plus (VG+)

This is the most common state of the second-hand market. This is a vinyl record that has been played and handled with care. Depending on its age, the vinyl may have more or less minor defects that do not hinder reading. Also, these defects are not an obstacle to the electrical appreciation of the object. One can accept : 

  • A slight warping which would keep the reading experience
  • Slightly worn cover corners
  • Wear rings
  • Light discoloration
  • Subtle background noise

We advise to sell a used VG+ vinyl record at 50% of the new price.

Very good condition (VG)

The vinyl may have the same defects as on a VG+ disc, but more important. For example, we tolerate a perceptible fact noise, superficial scratches as well as a rather pronounced warping. We also accept a slight discoloration of the cover or the central label, as well as more damaged corners.

We advise to sell a VG vinyl record at 30% of the new price.

Fair condition (F) and Poor condition (P)

The vinyl record is cracked, plays with a lot of snags and probably not entirely without jumps. The cover is usually very damaged and torn.

We advise to sell an F or P vinyl record at 5% of the new price.

Collector vinyl records?

Collector vinyl records, first presses and other rare records may be offered at a higher price due to their rarity. We advise you to visit the very good site to know more about the price of your collection. You may have a nugget !

Now that you know more on grading the condition of your vinyl records, don't hesitate to put your collection online on SwapRecords:


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