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Disco FM, the must-have app for all vinyl diggers and collectors

Published by SwapRecords on 15/05/2021

Crate digging is a risky business. Stumbling upon rare gems is the good part, but you can also make mistakes because you can't listen to the vinyl record at a listening point. Indeed, at markets, flea markets, record conventions or other events, it is not always possible to access a turntable to test the sound or validate a tracklist. It is then necessary to navigate between YouTube and Google, or other platforms, to try to find the reference and make a quick pre-listening. Disco FM offers to solve this problem!

An easy-to-use iOs application

You can download Disco FM exclusively on iOS. So it's a bit limited, just like the Vinyls app which offers a retro playback experience on iPhone. However, the Disco FM app is really easy to get to grips with, after a quick registration. All you have to do is type in the album reference - artist name, album title, release date - or scan the barcode for the most recent records. The reference in question is then displayed, with audio samples from Apple Music on one side and YouTube samples on the other, for each track in the tracklist. The second tab of the app allows you to save your favourite vinyl records, after listening to the audio samples. For the moment it is only possible to sort them alphabetically. 

Disco FM, the mobile app to listen to vinyl records while digging

More features to come for Disco FM

Disco FM is planning to improve the app in the coming months, in order to improve the experience of vinyl diggers during their sessions, when there is no turntable available. Soon it will be possible to better organize one's wishlist with saved vinyl records, sorting them by genre or even mood, in order to better categorize one's favorite records. While the application aims to remain basic and mono-functional, other additions will be made, based on user feedback. 

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