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Cheap vinyl records: where to find low price records?

Published by SwapRecords on 8/02/2021

Listening to music on vinyl records is not cheap. Whether it is the equipment or the vinyl records, it is difficult to have a fair sound and a large enough record library without going broke. Nevertheless, there are reliable and serious options to get vinyl records for cheap. Follow the guide...

Classified ads websites between individuals | Cheap second-hand vinyl records near you

Facebook Marketplace and other local websites are correct solutions to find vinyl records at very low prices. They can sometimes be sold in bundles, which drastically reduces the price. Be careful however with their condition. Many references sold on these websites are very old and have taken dust and humidity. However, note that the visual aspect of the records and their covers is not necessarily an indicator of their actual condition. If you have stumbled upon this page, you surely want to buy discs to listen to them! A vinyl record with no bumps can be buckled and jumped, while an album with a completely trashed cover will in some cases be very well played by your turntable. Be careful and listen to what you buy before you buy, if possible!

Find cheap vinyl records on classifieds websites:

We mention here that we are the only website of geolocalized classified ads entirely dedicated to vinyl records and CDs. Take a look at the ads posted by our members, or sign up to post one yourself. Also, you can filter our ads by price!

Else, you can visit the vinyl section of Facebook Marketplace.

Supermarkets | Inexpensive reissues of iconic albums

Your may find happiness in supermarkets. We know, it takes away a bit from the charm of going to buy your vinyl records at big department stores, but after all, why not if there are good deals? The new releases are sold at a high price, and you can mainly find quite ordinary things there... But, if you want to buy classics, legendary records that are new and in good condition, you've come to the right place! By the way, check out the 15 best-selling vinyl records of all time, the best-selling vinyl records of the 2010s or our selection of vinyl records that you absolutely must have in your library for ideas!

Find cheap vinyl records in supermarkets:

You will find classic vinyl records at prices ranging from $7 to $20 depending on the brand. Try your favorite chain and find the music section!

Online marketplaces | Online supermarkets for discount prices

Everything can be found on the internet today, including vinyl records. Some online marketplaces can offer quite interesting offers, especially on used vinyl records or on reissues of classics. However, be careful to check the condition of the vinyl record you buy if it is second-hand. If it's not expensive, it's - maybe - because there's a good reason! Second-hand records are generally rated according to the Goldmine standard, which is an indicator of the condition of the products.

Find cheap vinyl records on online marketplaces:

A distinction is made between marketplaces specialized on vinyl records and CDs, and generalist marketplaces. Among the first, the most famous is of course, the inestimable reference. You can also think of

For the generalist marketplaces, we will privilege the vinyl section of Amazon which proposes beautiful things at small prices. You can also think of the vinyl section of eBay which makes it possible to populate your "vinyl library" for cheap, in particular thanks to the low cost bundles.

NB: vinyl records can arrive damaged during transport. In this case, the seller (and not the carrier) is required to compensate or reimburse you! Do not hesitate to assert your rights.

Vinyl fairs | Make cheap disc raids

Vinyl fairs or record store days are one-off events that bring together experienced collectors and professional sellers around the record (vinyl record and/or CD). They allow to exchange and to make meetings, to discover new artists by listening to the advice of the best audiophiles, but also to make good deals. Sometimes, sellers want to sell their stock of vinyl records and offer attractive prices.

Find cheap vinyl records at vinyl fairs:

These events are generally communicated on specialized sites. For Record Store Day, go to the official website to get all the information.

Flea markets | Chasing vinyls to find nuggets

Flea markets are other alternatives for finding cheap vinyl records. Be careful however, it is possible that the products offered for sale are not suitable for you, that the records are very old or damaged, and it is impossible to test them before purchase. But sometimes, if you hunt well, you'll come across some nice nuggets... And for only a handful of coins, with a bit of luck!

Find cheap vinyl records at flea markets:

The real question is how to find these flea markets. First of all, open your eyes: it is very possible that posters are being posted in your neighbourhood right now. If not, you can check out the websites that list flea markets and yard sales. Make sure that vinyl records will be available there! 

Vinyl record stores | Fair prices for vinyl records... Sometimes a little too much!

At record stores that specialize in vinyl records, you're sure to find your records at the right price. Promotions may be rarer than in department stores or marketplaces, but at least you will pay the "right" price. Vinyl record stores respect the price of records on the market. So no incredible deals, but no scams either! And that's already a lot. On top of that, you can be pretty sure that used records will be in good condition, since sellers usually test them before putting them on sale.

Find cheap vinyl records in specialized record stores:

We are currently in the process of compiling a directory of the best record shops in the UK. Do not hesitate to contact us for help or suggestions.

Don't forget that every vinyl collector is a record shop at heart! Look at the ads posted by our members to multiply your chances of finding cheap records.


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