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A promotional vinyl record sent by mail with a 2D support: the ingenious idea of "Back To Vinyl, The Office Turntable"

Published by SwapRecords on 19/05/2021

German label Kontor Records and advertising agency Ogilvy have launched an interesting initiative to transform the experience of receiving and listening to a promotional record for an album or EP release. Based on the fact that a digital file sent by email or a CD burned by post is the norm for labels, which is quite off-putting for the people receiving them, Kontor decided to innovate and asked Ogilvy to create a new experience. SwapRecords explains you all about this rather unusual concept, which actually makes you want to listen to the record!

Back to Vinyl, a connected vinyl record and paper turntable

The most common way to send a demo or an album release is to send a CD by post, or an MP3 file by email. Instead of a CD in a plastic sleeve, it will be an orange vinyl record, more modern, more fashionable. But it is quite rare to have a turntable directly in your office. For listening purposes, a cardboard turntable is supplied with it, like a mock-up of a real turntable. Easy to carry in an envelope and cheap to produce, this turntable works as a stand to put the orange record on. The vinyl record is connected to the smartphone via a mobile application. The recipient of this surprising package can then scan the QR code on the record and listen to the music via their phone and a sound system or headphones. A dummy cell on the smartphone's screen appears, allowing the tone arm to be moved with the finger on the touch screen. Quite frankly, it's really classy, and it works better than the Vinyls app that aims to replace Apple's Music app

Back to Vinyl, The Office TurntableAn effective marketing solution with 71% success rate

The marketing operation was a real success for which the Ogilvy agency received a bronze medal at the Clio Awards in the "Experience" category. The Kontor label also achieved a usage rate of 71% for its mobile application out of the 900 mailings sent out, a rate 64% higher than for digital downloads sent by email. A great experience, and a nice souvenir for the lucky recipients who received the famous orange vinyl record and the 2D turntable. If you want to discover another mobile application, have a look at Demo FM, to facilitate the listening of vinyl collectors

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