Cookie policy

Cookie policy

The website uses cookies to enhance its users' browsing experience. This page aims to explain how these cookies function and how to handle them.

SwapRecords' cookies

SwapRecords only sets two cookies on your device, the session cookie and another one containing information to automatically log in registered users. It is mandatory to accept cookies if you create a SwapRecords account since sessions cookies allow you to stay online throughout your browsing journey.

SwapRecords does not gather information on your browsing behaviour nor on your music tastes. However, it might be the case in a near future. If this policy should change, SwapRecords will notify its users on this page.

Third-party cookies

SwapRecords uses for its own interests third-party cookies distributed by Google.

Google Analytics cookies

Google Analytics cookies allow SwapRecords to have information on how its users browse the website. These cookies are exploited totally anonymously. Therefore, it is impossible for SwapRecords to know how each particular user uses the website.

Google Adsense cookies

Cookies set on your device by Google Adsense are advertising cookies allowing to display commercial offers that match your personal interests. Disabling Adsense cookies has no impact on your browsing experience. However you might see ads that do not match your personal interests.

How to configure cookies?

You may configure cookies set on your device through your web browser menu. Here are links towards tutorials for each of the five main web browsers on the market:

You may also configure your iOS and Android devices:

  • On iOS devices, go to your "Privacy Settings". Then enter "Advertising" and check "Limit ad tracking".
  • On Android devices, go to your Google account. Then click on "Data and personalization". On the "Ad personalization" panel, go to "Ad settings" and turn of "Ad personalization" by clicking on the switch.

To deactivate geo-based ad personalization:

  • On iOS devices, go to your "Privacy Settings". Then go to "Localization" settings and configure which apps can access your localization information.
  • On Android devices, go to your "Settings". Then, select "Applications". Pick your web browser and configure its access to geolocalization services.