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Welcome to SwapRecords!

SwapRecords aims to connect recorded music lovers. It allows them to swap, buy, give or trade CDs, LPs and audio cassettes for free! We wish to become a beacon for all music lovers willing to discover music or to increase their record collection.

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SwapRecords is quite new. But we already have plenty of functionalities. For instance, we let users (whether they are a shop or a record collector) create a profile and add records to sell, give or swap them for free. Unlike Discogs or eBay, we don't take any fee! Ads are geolocalised and users can choose to meet in person to complete the transaction or to arrange a shipment. By the way, we recommend making payments for shipments using PayPal's buyer insurance. Each user profile can share and edit its records list. And last but not least, on every public profile page, each user's record collection is browsable by genre, artist, title, price, condition... No more excel spreadsheets! Not bad, right?

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