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Welcome to SwapRecords!

SwapRecords aims to connect recorded music lovers. It allows them to swap, buy, give or trade CDs, LPs and audio cassettes for free! We wish to become a beacon for all music lovers willing to discover music or to increase their record collection.

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Sell, buy or swap Vinyl records, CDs and Audio Cassettes

SwapRecords allows you to sell, buy or swap CDs, Vinyl records and Audio cassettes, with people near you through a geo-based classified ads service.

We don't take any commission on sales!

We let you live fully your passion for good music without taking any commission on sales. And we will never do, no matter the price!

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Each registered user has a profile page on which all his/her records are listed. They are sortable by various criteria, just like a true personal online record shop.

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SwapRecords's community grows day after day and eagerly waits for you. Meet and share with othe music lovers near you.

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