SwapRecords originated from a simple observation. Throughout long conversations with vinyl records passionates, we noticed that one of the major problems that they were facing was repetition. Many of them told us they were tired of linstening the same albums over and over again. Streaming platforms, giving access to a vast catalogue of recorded music, offer a solution to this issue. However, the sound quality is not nearly as good. The warmth of the vinyl simply can't be matched, even with a fancy soundsystem. Morevover, the whole ceremony - softly pulling the vinyl from its sleeve, putting it on the turntable, turning it on and placing the needle on the record - which contributes to the charm of vinyl records is cruelly missed.

The bet is on. SwapRecords gives all music lovers, audiophiles and Hi-Fi adepts the chance to get together on the website. We want to be a free geolocalised classified ads service and to allow our community to sell, buy, but also to swap, give and to look for CDs, vinyl records and even audio cassettes.

We hope that many records will be exchanged by our members and perhaps that we'll give them the opportunity to meet new people around the music they love.

Musically yours,

Samuel Haddad